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Welcome to the Crescent City Chronicle Wiki. This is a Vampire chronicle setting for use with Vampire the Masquerade, although, with a little work, it can also be used for Vampire the Requiem or any World of Darkness material.

Introduction to Crescent City

Crescent City is a relatively large isolated island community just off the west coast of California, dreaming lazily in the Pacific somewhere north of San Francisco. Even considering its isolation from the mainland, Crescent City’s urban entertainment centers boast music, art, carnivals, galleries, city parks, libraries, universities, and a considerably diverse nightlife filled with dance clubs, live music venues, a sports arena, beach-side carnivals during the summer months and much more. Areas outside the urban bustle contain historic centers, state parks, hiking trails, golf resorts, botanical gardens, secluded lakes, conservatories and more.

This fictional setting is a Camarilla controlled city with a small Caitiff population and virtually no[known] Sabbat elements. Most elders attribute this to the isolation of Crescent City from the mainland. Access to the island is limited to a handful of ferries that run year round and a small commercial airport in Barren Sands.

There is currently a project underway to dig a tunnel from Twin Lakes to the mainland, and while the project is in its third year (out of a projected 10) it has had its share of set-backs, mishaps and obstacles. The Ventrue Prince of Crescent City is the primary behind-the-scenes push on this project, but many kindred oppose this project (openly and in secret) as they believe allowing easier access to the island will invite more Sabbat incursions and other problems more rampant among the kindred populations on the mainland.


This chronicle takes many stylistic elements from many sources but the most notable one that comes to mind is that of the setting from Lost Boys…

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